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Autumn, time to detox

Autumn, time to detox

We hear and read everywhere about detox, but what is in a word?

The purpose is that we need to revitalize our body, so we are prepared for the coming cold season. The success of a good revitalization cure is primarily based on the ability to eliminate harmful substances from our body. This detox cure must help our depurative organs (liver, kidneys, respiratory tract, skin and intestines), to function optimally so that they can filter, purify and eliminate waste. Saturated with toxins, our organs work in slow motion. Several factors are involved: stress, “internal pollution” (produced by our body in the form of organic waste), environmental pollution and our bad habits (sedentary lifestyle, tobacco, alcohol, coffee, diet too rich in sugar and saturated fat, etc.). Beyond a certain threshold, waste hinders the functioning of our organism, weakens it and acidifies the nourishing liquid in which our cells bathe, which impairs their regeneration. That’s why a “cleansing” of our body is important.

Good reflexion!

The detox cure must purify our body to ensure a general drainage, to help eliminate toxins from our environment and to eliminate our body of metabolic waste. The ideal duration of a detox course is about 21 days: detox for 7 days and then revitalize for 14 days.

The secret: drink a lot of water, move, relax and be watchful not to fall into excess.
Through a gentle but regular activity, we make the best start of an autumn detox. The advantage? Oxygenate the body, accelerate the elimination functions and stimulate the organs (liver, kidneys, intestines). A few exercises in the morning or 30 to 45 minutes of walking or cycling, if possible in free nature, are a very good start.
Eat healthy: fibers (green vegetables, whole wheat bread …), fruit juice (homemade) or fruit cooked at low temperature. Prefer lean animal proteins (like chicken, fish, eggs…) and avoid if possible refined sugar, alcohol, coffee and industrial dishes. Dandelion, artichoke helps cleaning the digestive system, as do turmeric, chicory or black radish extracts. At your pharmacist you find good herbal teas which help the organs detoxify. Go to bed early: at the latest at 22 hours, because our cells regenerate faster during the night.

During the revitalization period: almonds, walnuts and hazelnuts (rich in omega 3 and energy), but also fresh herbs such as coriander, chives and parsley (rich in vitamin C) are added to your diet. And products that will strengthen the immune system such as products from the hive (honey, pollen, royal jelly …) and algae (chlorella or spirulina). Drink a draining herbal tea in the morning and a relaxing infusion in the afternoon. Pair them with green vegetable, wheat or barley juices – preferably by extraction – without restriction. Rich in chlorophyll, they facilitate the elimination of toxins and purify the liver.

The key to success? Diversification.

You will feel energized, you will sleep better, headaches will be less, some will lose some weight and you have boosted your immune system so you are ready for the cold season


Do you need some coaching to do a detox, then I would be happy to guide you! At Steps4YOU is cleaning and revitalizing the body one of the components to make the first steps to a healthy life with long-lasting healthy habits.

Healthy guts, healthy life, healthy weight

Our guts, are a part of our body that we don’t like to talk about ,but more and more scientists are convinced that they play a huge role in allergies, overweight, depression, fatigue, auto-immune diseases etc…

In our guts there live millions, billions of bacteria and it’s important to understand which role the good bacteria play in our body:

  • Fat cells are destroyed faster and the formation of new fat cells is blocked
  • positive influence on bloodsugar and cholesterol level
  • increases the satiety feeling after eating
  • stimulate our immune system
  • influences our mood
  • produces vitamins like vitamin K and vitamin B
  • helps to detox the body

The goal is to stimulate the good ones and to block the bad ones

It’s not only the inner life of the guts that plays a role, but we also need to avoid leaky guts. Leaking guts are essentially like having the gates from your intestines to your blood stream broken down. As such many particles that should never have been able to enter have now gotten through.  When this happens, it causes inflammation throughout your body leading to a variety of diseases.

I would like to give you some strategies to keep your guts in good condition:

Treat your guts’ bacteria as your treat your best friend:

Eat varied, preference low carb and low fat. Choosing non-refined sucker like an apple. Who said again: “one apple a day, keeps the doctor away?”

Try to eat as much as possible fresh fruit and vegetables with the peal. Because in the peal we find a big dose of pectin, loved by gut bacteria.

Prebiotic: Daily doses of 30g of fibre is highly recommended. And 5% should be in taken as a prebiotic. Prebiotics are indigestible food particles, perfect for our gut bacteria. Some examples:  Food rich of inulin: artichoke, garlic, onions, chicory, leak,…,  Oligo-fructose: digestible fibres, loved by the good bacteria like: banana, tomato, rye, oat, asparagus

Probiotics, these are bacteria which comes in an active form into the intestines and have a positive effect.  Eat or drink more acid products as apple cider, fermented vegetables (Chou croute), yoghurt of goatmilk, kefir, miso, kimchi. Improve the absorption of probiotics by adding fibres to your diet

As outlined above, fibres are very, very important to keep our guts in a good condition. 30g a day: Boost your breakfast: ex: muesli with apples, a mixture of seeds and nuts, and berries, fresh or frozen they bring +/-5 g fibres/100g.

Whole grain products and raw vegetables

Drink a least 33mg/kg bodyweight water or herbal teas

To reinforce your intestine, choose for food that doesn’t give inflammations: Omega 3 fatty acids!!!! Find it in nuts, seeds, oils, fat fish,.. herbs like curcuma, ginger, basilic, oregano,… and avoid sugars and fast digesting carbs




Schlank mit Darm, Prof. Dr. Michaela Axt-Gadermann

Gut, the inside story of our body’s most under-rated organ- Giula Enders

Enjoy the summer

Before my summer holiday starts, I would like to give you some tips to keep your weight and health in balance during this summer period. So, you can enjoy it, without being afraid of getting some extra weight.


1.      Snacks to go

When you take your care or you take a plane to arrive at your summer destination, try to have some healthy snacks with you. The temptation to eat this unhealthy snack at the airport or tank station will be less. Think about unsalted nuts, some fruits or drink-yoghurts. And always have enough water with you.

To avoid snacking during travel time, take a good book with you, or some games, you will be less attempted to eat more and before you know it, you are arrived at your destination.
2.   Restaurants and buffets
Which are the best choices you can eat out; almost every restaurant has some healthy choices on the menu. When in doubt, try these lower calorie menus:

Grilled chicken or fish with vegetables

Veggie Pizza Slice with a salat

At a Chinese: steamed vegetables with brown rice

By the Japanese: chicken teriyaki without rice

Mexican: chicken tacos on corn tortillas with vegetables and some tomato salsa

Or choose a healthy starter and split the main dish with your friends or family. Always ask to put the sauces aside, so you can decide how much you want to take of it.

Does your hotels propose a very enormous buffet?! It’s normal we are tempted, but this overflow of food, does us make eat more then we really want, and most of the time we choose for the unhealthiest things.

So just eat already a healthy snack before and drink some glasses of water, in this case, you will have less hunger and you will not attack this buffet.

Choose as much as possible for fruits, vegetables, fish and some meat, without sauces or dressings.


3.      What about alcohol

We all know that alcohol brings 7 kcal/g, and influences our weight and hungry feeling.

Does it matter what we drink?

Yes, remember the higher the alcohol percentage, the more kcal and the smaller the glass should be.

A glass of 125ml of Champagne-92kcal / Prosecco – 88kcal / White Wine 12.5% – 94 kcal / Red Wine 12% – 88kcal / Red Wine 13.5% – 100kcal

A glass of 25ml of Gin 66kcal / Whiskey 55kcal. A can of 330ml of Lager Beer – 132kcal.

Cocktails are a bomb of calories. Ex. Mojito 159kcal, Pina Colada 174kcal.

 Prefer a glass of wine, whiskey or gin above cocktails.

Enjoy a glass of alcohol, but don’t exaggerate.


4.      Keep on moving

Keep on moving, also during your holiday.

Know that we gain the most wait when we have a beach holiday, and you don’t get out of your deckchair.

Explore the neighborhood, discover other beaches, rent a bike or put on your walking shoes.


5.      And take time to relax

Take the opportunity to learn some yoga or meditation, it can be a start of a new adventure that you take home with you.

Make time to eat, you’re on holiday, so no stress at the table. This helps your digestion and you will eat automatically less.
And if after all, you gain some summer kilo’s, ….. Steps4YOU is back for you from the 2nd of August.


I wish you all a very nice summer, wherever you are, enjoy this period of the year and see you all soon.

Feeling energized today and choose for a healthy future!

When we consider food, we rarely connect this the cells of our body. But our health depends directly on the condition of the more than 100 trillion cells that make up our organs and tissues. These cells need a healthy and balanced diet to function optimally.

However, it is difficult to bring enough nutrients to our body – with an appropriate quantity of vitamins and minerals – through our food alone. Because of this, more and more people are suffering from deficiencies.

Did you know

  • Among the 19 EU Member States for which data are available, the proportion of adults (aged 18 years and over) who were overweight or obese varied in 2008 between 37.0 % and 56.7 % for women and between 51.0 % and 69.3 % for men1
  • Only one in three people eat fresh fruits or vegetables every day.
  • By 41% of Germans, a pre-cooked dish is served once a week or more often.
  • 33% of Austrians think that their vitamin intake is insufficient.

Good nutrition — an adequate, well-balanced diet combined with regular physical activity — is a cornerstone for good health. Specific recommendations for a healthy diet include: eating more fruit, vegetables, nuts and grains; cutting down on salt, sugar and fats. Poor nutrition can result into reduced immunity, increased susceptibility to disease, and impaired physical and mental development1.

These factors can help ensure that our cells are not optimally provided with nutrients. Yet, a balanced diet is fundamental to our cells. The best way to achieve this goal is – in simple terms: a super-highway food.
This super-food highway ensures that components of food and dietary supplements are transported to each cell and to each tissue. At the same time, the waste produced by our body is evacuated. All this looks very simple, but few individuals supply their cells optimally.


All these facts and my passion for prevention, made me choose to use OligoScan in the praxis of Steps4YOU.

Which screens physiological imbalances and trace minerals. You will receive a complete overview of your mineral balance, and the load of heavy metals in your body. A tailor made dietary plan can be made and in few time, you will feel soon more energized then every before, you find your ideal weight and keep it for a longer time.

As a nutritionist, I can interpretate this analysis and give you a more holistic advice about healthy food and the effect of food to your body.

Do you want to feel more energized today, and be prepared for a healthy future, look at the services of Steps4YOU and take the first step forwards a healthy future!


Source: Statista2013-Emnid-Umfrage im Auftrag des Bundesministeriums für Ernährung und Landwirtschaft 2014-Statista 2015



Enjoying the Holiday Season and keeping your health in balance

The Holiday Season arrives, as also festive parties. Time to spend with your family and friends, while enjoying delicious meals.

Around this period, people ask me often: “Karen what can I do to enjoy this Holiday Season and still keeping my weight in balance?”

That’s why I like to give you some suggestions to enjoy this wonderful time of the year and to start 2017 gracefully.


  1. Do not skip meals.

Many of us think that’s better to skip breakfast of lunch, because an elaborate dinner is scheduled for today. Doing so, you are hungry arriving at the party and you can’t resist the salty snacks, chips, dips or other “most of time too fatty” appetizers. So, your belly is already full with these unhealthy snacks and you can’t enjoy anymore the following delicious dishes.

It’s better to have a good protein-rich breakfast and a light lunch like a soup or a salat. Before leaving for the party drink some water. So, you can resist the appetizer and to make better choices in what to eat.


  1. Enjoy a glass of alcohol.

In this period of the year more bottles of wine, champagnes and alike are opened. We all know that alcohol brings 9kcal/g, and influences our weight and hungry feeling.

Does it matter what we drink? Yes, remember the higher the alcohol percentage, the more kcal and the smaller the glass should be.

A glass of 125ml of Champagne-92kcal / Prosecco – 88kcal / White Wine 12.5% – 94 kcal / Red Wine 12% – 88kcal / Red Wine 13.5% – 100kcal

A glass of 25ml of Gin 66kcal / Whiskey 55kcal. A can of 330ml of Lager Beer – 132kcal. Cocktails are a bomb of calories. Ex. Mojito 159kcal, Pina Colada 174kcal.


Above all, drink a lot of water. Don’t forget to ask a bottle of water and drink it during the party/dinner.



  1. Develop a certain strategy.

This sounds boring, but it isn’t. Important is that you develop a strategy during these days so you can keep your healthy lifestyle and enjoy the holiday season.


The menu: of course, it’s easier when the family or friends come to your place. Cook healthy and light but still very tasteful.

Think about vegetables with a yoghurt dip or homemade guacamole or humus, some shellfish or a soup as a starter, grilled or steamed fish or poultry with a lot of vegetables and make a dessert of fruits. Do plan for a lot of variety.


Most of the time I go to local stores, so I can find fresh food and know where it’s produced. My favorite butcher is Limacher in Hünenberg, vegetables and fruits I get by Buuregarte, who are also at the markets in Zug and Lucerne. Fish, I buy at Migros, and choose the bio-label. My poultry, I order at the farmer shop Strimatt in Hünenberg


Make good choices when you are invited. Avoid bread and sauces, drink a lot of water (be the driver to bring everybody home), take extra vegetables and eat slowly. Propose to bring yourself the dessert, so you can make it as healthy and light as you prefer.


  1. Take time to exercise during the Holiday

Make time to be outside and to move. I must admit, these dark days do not temp to go for a walk. We prefer to stay longer in bed and to watch more television. But certainly, in this period our body needs extra movement as we consume more energy. We are lucky to live in this beautiful region, so please go out for a walk, invite the family to do one of the parcoursvita in the neighborhood, take your bike to do your courses (temperature is not that low yet). By moving we burn more calories and we keep our minds clear.


  1. And above all, keep on drinking at least 33ml/kg bodyweight water or herbal teas. In Drogerie Urs, Steinhausen you can find a whole assortment of nice herbal teas which are good for your wellbeing.

Since a couple of years, I start the new year with a good detox, so my body is renewed and ready for the rest of the year. Remember, we don’t lose or build new habits between Christmas and New Year, but between New Year and Christmas.

I wish you all a nice Holiday Season and the best for a healthy 2017.



INGREDIENTS (for 16 pieces, vegan & gluten free):
100g berries (fresh or frozen) | 50g honey or maple syrup | 50g coconut oil
100g oats (gluten free) | 25g pumpkin seeds | 25g sunflower seeds | 25g chia seeds 50g almond flakes | 50g ground almonds | 25g dried cranberries | 25g dried goji berries | 1 tsp cinnamon | 1 tsp acai powder

Heat the berries in a pan with one table spoon of water. When it boils, add the honey and coconut oil, mix well and let it boil for a few minutes.
Remove the berries from the heat. Mix the other ingredients and add them to the berries. Stir well until all ingredients turn into a homogeneous mixture.
Divide into 16 portions and shape into small balls.
Cool the energy bites for 1 hour in the refrigerator and enjoy.

Granola bars

Granola bars

The healthy snack you will love

INGREDIENTS (for 10 pieces, vegan and gluten free):

230g pitted dates | 120g walnuts | 150g mixed nuts | 3 tbsp cacao powder | 40g dried cranberries | 20ml honey | 100g oats (gluten free) | 2 tbsp coconut oil | ½ tsp salt


Finely crush the walnuts and chop the other nuts with a knife. Put the dates in a food processor and process until finely chopped. Mix all the ingredients together and empty the mixture onto a baking tray. Press well and cool in the fridge for at least one hour. Cut the mix in 10 pieces and enjoy. The Granola bars can be kept in the fridge for up to one week.

Vegetable Lasagna without Pasta

Ingredients for 4 to 6 people

For the grilled vegetables

2 eggplant, sliced/3 zucchini, sliced/4 tomatoes into slices

For the sauce

2 onion/3 cloves garlic/2 red peppers / other vegetables

500 g fresh spinach/250 g ricotta/pepper and coarse salt/olive oil


Preheat the oven to 200 ° C. I start to cut with the eggplants, zucchini and tomatoes into slices. This is easiest with the mandolin.

Lay the slices of eggplant, zucchini and tomatoes on a baking sheet. Rub them with olive oil. Season with pepper and coarse salt and maybe some herbs de Provence.

Put them until they are cooked in the oven (about 10 minutes at 180 ° C).

The sauce

Put a little olive oil in a stew. Fry the chopped onion, crushed garlic about 5 minutes. Fry the peppers and other vegetables.

Rinse the spinach leaves. And place the spinach in the vegetable mix. Once the spinach is melted, put on the Ricotta. Use properly what pepper to taste


Take a deep baking dish. Start with a layer of zucchini – the sauce – layer of eggplant – sauce -Repeat this all you want and if you take the last layer of sauce in which you put the tomatoes and it