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Autumn, time to detox

Autumn, time to detox We hear and read everywhere about detox, but what is in a word? The purpose is that we need to revitalize our body, so we are prepared for the coming cold season. The success of a good revitalization cure is primarily based on the ability to eliminate harmful substances from our […]

Healthy guts, healthy life, healthy weight

Our guts, are a part of our body that we don’t like to talk about ,but more and more scientists are convinced that they play a huge role in allergies, overweight, depression, fatigue, auto-immune diseases etc… In our guts there live millions, billions of bacteria and it’s important to understand which role the good bacteria […]

Enjoy the summer

Before my summer holiday starts, I would like to give you some tips to keep your weight and health in balance during this summer period. So, you can enjoy it, without being afraid of getting some extra weight.   1.      Snacks to go When you take your care or you take a plane to arrive […]

Feeling energized today and choose for a healthy future!

When we consider food, we rarely connect this the cells of our body. But our health depends directly on the condition of the more than 100 trillion cells that make up our organs and tissues. These cells need a healthy and balanced diet to function optimally. However, it is difficult to bring enough nutrients to […]

Enjoying the Holiday Season and keeping your health in balance

The Holiday Season arrives, as also festive parties. Time to spend with your family and friends, while enjoying delicious meals. Around this period, people ask me often: “Karen what can I do to enjoy this Holiday Season and still keeping my weight in balance?” That’s why I like to give you some suggestions to enjoy […]


SUPERFOOD, SO EASY SO GOOD INGREDIENTS (for 16 pieces, vegan & gluten free): 100g berries (fresh or frozen) | 50g honey or maple syrup | 50g coconut oil 100g oats (gluten free) | 25g pumpkin seeds | 25g sunflower seeds | 25g chia seeds 50g almond flakes | 50g ground almonds | 25g dried cranberries […]

Granula Bars

THE HEALTHY SNACK YOU WILL LOVE INGREDIENTS (for 10 pieces, vegan and gluten free): 230g pitted dates | 120g walnuts | 150g mixed nuts | 3 tbsp cacao powder | 40g dried cranberries | 20ml honey | 100g oats (gluten free) | 2 tbsp coconut oil | ½ tsp salt PREPARATION GRANOLA BARS Finely crush […]

Vegetable Lasagna without Pasta

Ingredients for 4 to 6 people For the grilled vegetables 2 eggplant, sliced/3 zucchini, sliced/4 tomatoes into slices For the sauce 2 onion/3 cloves garlic/2 red peppers / other vegetables 500 g fresh spinach/250 g ricotta/pepper and coarse salt/olive oil Preparation Preheat the oven to 200 ° C. I start to cut with the eggplants, […]