Happy&Healthy Eating

The program that nurtures body and mind

Feel relaxed about food, your body and weight again and create a healthy and sustainable diet that fits into your daily life


Not just a new diet, but your path to peace with food, body confidence and more energy.

Learn more about why
diets don’t work and how
you can end the struggle
for now and forever.

If willpower was enough

… there would be no such
thing as obesity. We
blame ourselves so easily
for not sticking to our diet.
Time to understand what’s
really going on and end
the shaming and blaming.

Why energy treatments?

Energy treatments help
you relax, lift blockages so
energy can flow easily
through your body again.
It will lower your stress
level, which has a direct
impact on your hormones.

Family life

We understand that your
family may not be as
happy as you are to make
healthy changes. Don’t
worry, the family will come
around when they taste
the delicious pure food.


About this program

Happy & Healthy Eating lasts 12 weeks and contains:
• 3 group sessions:
• at least 5 personal diet coaching sessions, and:
• at least 6 energy treatments/mental coaching
The group sessions will help you to stay motivated and
you can learn from others’ experiences. The content of
these sessions are relevant to everyone. But each body
and mind is different. In personal sessions Karen helps
you create a healthy food pattern that fits into your life.
The session with Mirjam will be about your personal
obstacles and you’ll receive energy treatments to help you.

Holistic view

Changing your diet isn’t as easy as it sounds. Patterns
and beliefs build up over the years. When it comes to
what, when, how and how much we eat, many factors
come to play; like stress, emotions, sugar addiction/
insuline dependency et cetera. Therefore we don’t
believe in simply telling people what and how much they
must eat. These programs only work temporarily. But to
change the way people eat sustainably, we have to see
the whole picture. In this program you will learn how to
organise your life so that happy and healthy eating
becomes natural to you. And how you can relax when
things are not going as planned.


Karen Verbeeck

Certified Nutritional Scientist / Certified Nutritional Coach
MSc Nutrician and Dietics, University Gent, Belgium.

Your well-being is my passion. And this for more
than 20 years. The master program of nutrition and
dietetics was the starting point of my professional
life. Since then, I am passionate about nutrition and
its enormous influence on health, our well-being and
our psyche. Thanks to my multidisciplinary training, I
learned the basics of a balanced diet from the
absorption in a cell to the functioning of the entire
human body. I run the practice for holistic nutritional
counseling Steps4YOU in Hagendorn. As a mother
of two children, we noticed that cooking with fresh
ingredients has a large impact on the health and
well-being of the whole family. Cooking, buying
high-energy food, and to discover new ones, is fun
for my whole family.

Karen: +41 78 920 57 19

Mirjam van der Rol - Lemsom

Energy worker / Lifecoach
MSc Health Education, Wageningen University &
Research, The Netherlands.

Since my studies there have always been two big
topics of interest for me; health and communication.
The questions that will always keep me going is
‘what makes people change to healthy habits?’
What stimulates us and what stops us from
choosing what’s best for our health? How is it
possible that we know perfectly what’s good for our
health, but choose to do the opposite? Working with
healing energy has taught me that our
unconsciousness, our beliefs, behavioral patterns
and more, play a key role in it. Energy work is such a
powerful tool in letting go of old beliefs and

Mirjam: +41 79 299 19 47



The investment for Happy & Healthy Eating is 3 x
CHF 500,00 / month.

The first English group session is planned at
September 20th, at 7.30 pm in Cham.
Individual sessions will be planned with you.

Register today for this unique program and be sure
you’ll have a place.


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