Autumn, time to detox

Autumn, time to detox

We hear and read everywhere about detox, but what is in a word?

The purpose is that we need to revitalize our body, so we are prepared for the coming cold season. The success of a good revitalization cure is primarily based on the ability to eliminate harmful substances from our body. This detox cure must help our depurative organs (liver, kidneys, respiratory tract, skin and intestines), to function optimally so that they can filter, purify and eliminate waste. Saturated with toxins, our organs work in slow motion. Several factors are involved: stress, “internal pollution” (produced by our body in the form of organic waste), environmental pollution and our bad habits (sedentary lifestyle, tobacco, alcohol, coffee, diet too rich in sugar and saturated fat, etc.). Beyond a certain threshold, waste hinders the functioning of our organism, weakens it and acidifies the nourishing liquid in which our cells bathe, which impairs their regeneration. That’s why a “cleansing” of our body is important.

Good reflexion!

The detox cure must purify our body to ensure a general drainage, to help eliminate toxins from our environment and to eliminate our body of metabolic waste. The ideal duration of a detox course is about 21 days: detox for 7 days and then revitalize for 14 days.

The secret: drink a lot of water, move, relax and be watchful not to fall into excess.
Through a gentle but regular activity, we make the best start of an autumn detox. The advantage? Oxygenate the body, accelerate the elimination functions and stimulate the organs (liver, kidneys, intestines). A few exercises in the morning or 30 to 45 minutes of walking or cycling, if possible in free nature, are a very good start.
Eat healthy: fibers (green vegetables, whole wheat bread …), fruit juice (homemade) or fruit cooked at low temperature. Prefer lean animal proteins (like chicken, fish, eggs…) and avoid if possible refined sugar, alcohol, coffee and industrial dishes. Dandelion, artichoke helps cleaning the digestive system, as do turmeric, chicory or black radish extracts. At your pharmacist you find good herbal teas which help the organs detoxify. Go to bed early: at the latest at 22 hours, because our cells regenerate faster during the night.

During the revitalization period: almonds, walnuts and hazelnuts (rich in omega 3 and energy), but also fresh herbs such as coriander, chives and parsley (rich in vitamin C) are added to your diet. And products that will strengthen the immune system such as products from the hive (honey, pollen, royal jelly …) and algae (chlorella or spirulina). Drink a draining herbal tea in the morning and a relaxing infusion in the afternoon. Pair them with green vegetable, wheat or barley juices – preferably by extraction – without restriction. Rich in chlorophyll, they facilitate the elimination of toxins and purify the liver.

The key to success? Diversification.

You will feel energized, you will sleep better, headaches will be less, some will lose some weight and you have boosted your immune system so you are ready for the cold season


Do you need some coaching to do a detox, then I would be happy to guide you! At Steps4YOU is cleaning and revitalizing the body one of the components to make the first steps to a healthy life with long-lasting healthy habits.