Enjoy the summer

Before my summer holiday starts, I would like to give you some tips to keep your weight and health in balance during this summer period. So, you can enjoy it, without being afraid of getting some extra weight.


1.      Snacks to go

When you take your care or you take a plane to arrive at your summer destination, try to have some healthy snacks with you. The temptation to eat this unhealthy snack at the airport or tank station will be less. Think about unsalted nuts, some fruits or drink-yoghurts. And always have enough water with you.

To avoid snacking during travel time, take a good book with you, or some games, you will be less attempted to eat more and before you know it, you are arrived at your destination.
2.   Restaurants and buffets
Which are the best choices you can eat out; almost every restaurant has some healthy choices on the menu. When in doubt, try these lower calorie menus:

Grilled chicken or fish with vegetables

Veggie Pizza Slice with a salat

At a Chinese: steamed vegetables with brown rice

By the Japanese: chicken teriyaki without rice

Mexican: chicken tacos on corn tortillas with vegetables and some tomato salsa

Or choose a healthy starter and split the main dish with your friends or family. Always ask to put the sauces aside, so you can decide how much you want to take of it.

Does your hotels propose a very enormous buffet?! It’s normal we are tempted, but this overflow of food, does us make eat more then we really want, and most of the time we choose for the unhealthiest things.

So just eat already a healthy snack before and drink some glasses of water, in this case, you will have less hunger and you will not attack this buffet.

Choose as much as possible for fruits, vegetables, fish and some meat, without sauces or dressings.


3.      What about alcohol

We all know that alcohol brings 7 kcal/g, and influences our weight and hungry feeling.

Does it matter what we drink?

Yes, remember the higher the alcohol percentage, the more kcal and the smaller the glass should be.

A glass of 125ml of Champagne-92kcal / Prosecco – 88kcal / White Wine 12.5% – 94 kcal / Red Wine 12% – 88kcal / Red Wine 13.5% – 100kcal

A glass of 25ml of Gin 66kcal / Whiskey 55kcal. A can of 330ml of Lager Beer – 132kcal.

Cocktails are a bomb of calories. Ex. Mojito 159kcal, Pina Colada 174kcal.

 Prefer a glass of wine, whiskey or gin above cocktails.

Enjoy a glass of alcohol, but don’t exaggerate.


4.      Keep on moving

Keep on moving, also during your holiday.

Know that we gain the most wait when we have a beach holiday, and you don’t get out of your deckchair.

Explore the neighborhood, discover other beaches, rent a bike or put on your walking shoes.


5.      And take time to relax

Take the opportunity to learn some yoga or meditation, it can be a start of a new adventure that you take home with you.

Make time to eat, you’re on holiday, so no stress at the table. This helps your digestion and you will eat automatically less.
And if after all, you gain some summer kilo’s, ….. Steps4YOU is back for you from the 2nd of August.


I wish you all a very nice summer, wherever you are, enjoy this period of the year and see you all soon.